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The second floor Courtroom is available on space available basis for meetings, receptions, lectures, etc. All users will adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Available space includes the front hallway, second floor hall, courtroom, and Quinn room. Restrooms, sound system and elevator are also available.
  2. Space as available for Town of Bristol functions at no charge during the business hours and during the evening providing the Town provides set up and clean up services.
  3. Civic groups and other non-profit organizations [501(c)(3)] will have a daytime rate of $25.00/hour, $50.00/hour after 5 P.M., (minimum of 2 hours day or evening), rental time to include set-up and clean-up. Payment due upon receipt of invoice.
  4. Other organizations or private groups at $75.00/hour day time (minimum of 2 hours) and $100.00/hour after 5 P.M. (minimum of 2 hours), rental time to include set-up and clean-up; $100.00 security deposit due when space is reserved and is refundable up to 3 days before the event. Final payment due before the event. Security deposit will be returned after event and Bristol Statehouse staff inspection of building.
  5. At their discretion, the Bristol Statehouse Foundation reserves the right not to accept a rental reservation.


  1. No smoking is permitted within the building or outside on Statehouse property—the total site is a smoke-free environment.
  2. Opening and closing of facility will be by Statehouse staff.
  3. A limited number of chairs for the raised platform are available for use, all other needs must be provided by the renter and removed immediately after the event.
  4. Renter is responsible to leave the facility in a clean condition, with all food/drink spills cleaned and all garbage removed from the site. Failure to do this will result in additional charges of at least 1 hour of rent.
  5. All serving of alcohol is the responsibility of the Renter to obtain the necessary licenses and approvals and insure that all laws are followed. If, in the view of the Bristol Statehouse Foundation, security is an issue, the renter may be required to provide proper policing. The Statehouse is not intended as a site for parties and celebrations that involve heavy food and alcohol consumption.
  6. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Bristol Statehouse Foundation from any claims, damage, loss of or expense (including attorney's fees) arising out of the use of the premises by the renter's guests and/or agents. If deemed necessary, the Foundation may ask for Liability Insurance coverage for itself during the event.
  7. Renter may not hang, tape, staple, tack or glue any materials on the interior or exterior walls of the building. Any special decorations, signage, etc. must be approved, in writing, before the event.
  8. Open flames are not permitted. Exceptions may be made with prior written approval for certain candles used at weddings or other similar functions.
  9. All printed materials that uses the Statehouse in any way other than as a location must receive prior approval.
  10. Parking is available along the street following Town of Bristol regulations. In addition, there is a town parking lot on Court St.

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